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DiceLock for Microsoft Windows, Ripemd160 class (Ripemd 160 hash digest algorithm) verified with PhysicalCryptoRandomStream class (memory pages kept in RAM, not swapped to file)

DiceLock for Microsoft Windows is the cryptographic architecture that ensures that ciphertext it’s not just encrypted but also randomized.

DiceLock cipher architecture presents two main formulations: – Dicelock Digested, and – Dicelock Indexed.

These two formulations are implemented through the following concrete C++ classes: – DiceLockDigested class (C++ files: DiceLockDigested.h and DiceLockDigested.cpp) – DiceLockIndexed [...]

Visual C++ 2008 – System::Timers::Timer class accumulated time

In the previous post Verifying System::Timers::Timer to know how it works we noticed that Timer Class had a little gap in time of about from 12 to 15 milliseconds when 1000 or 2000 milliseconds was stablished as the Interval of Timer.

We asked ourselfs what could happen if we were working with the class for [...]

AES 192 (Advanced Encryption Standard) in CFB mode does not generate randomized encrypted text with 99 per cent conffidence

   Outdated Content

This content is outdated. Shared components of DiceChecker and Encryption algorithms were looking at bit level in different ways. The improvement performed as explained in this post corrects the issue explained here.


   New research performed

New research has been performed at DiceLock Security. You can [...]

Software directories to submit your application (9 of 9)

Continuing and terminating with the ninth piece of software directories and servers. It is important to post your developed software in as many sites as possible to arrive to your audience. There are different possibilities to do that and our PAD XML files helped us to do it as fast as possible.

When further developments [...]